Financial Investment Sector

Financial Investment Sector

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Financial Investment Sector

The new ideal group will thoroughly implement the major decisions and arrangements of the central committee and the state council on the construction of "One Belt And One Road", and give full play to the policy advantages of the Shanghai free trade zone. The new ideal group financial company will provide complete and reliable financial services support for various domestic foreign trade and related enterprises.
New ideal group to develop financial innovation, financial companies will continue to pay attention to financial service model and mechanism of the process innovation, perfect the credit as the main body, investment, leasing, financing, trade finance, consulting and other business to supplement the diversification of business system, promote regional development all the way to build the area to provide more diversified financial support.
New Ideal Group Finance Company will provide financial support for enterprises along the Belt and Road to promote the purchase of Chinese equipment and project contracting services. To solve the problem of Chinese exporters' financing for the export of equipment and undertaking foreign project contracting, and solve the capital problem for them; Encourage Chinese enterprises to make overseas investments and provide support for financing their equity and creditor's rights; To ease the financing of supporting export credit projects and help foreign trade enterprises to solve financing problems; We will help "go global" enterprises go steady and fast, and creatively carry out "One Belt And One Road" service.
We will support small and micro businesses to develop healthily and solve problems such as difficulties in obtaining loans
In the process of China's economic development, small and micro businesses play an important role. By 2019, small and micro businesses account for more than 90% of all market players, contributing more than 80% of the country's employment, over 70% of its invention patents, over 60% of its GDP and over 50% of its tax revenue.
Financing for small and micro enterprises is difficult and expensive, which has always been one of the difficulties facing financial institutions. In recent years, a large number of rural Banks and small loan companies have been established in succession, but due to the lack of credit, geographical dispersion and other factors, the financial services of small and micro groups are facing a huge gap. According to data released by the World Bank in January this year, the financing gap of China's small and micro businesses has reached 12 trillion yuan, and nearly 80% of the financing needs of micro businesses have not been met.
Small and micro enterprises financing difficult, expensive financing is a worldwide problem, a long-term problem. In response to the two sessions, solve the problem of small micro enterprise financing difficulties, a new ideal group finance company will actively introduce technology team, using the advantage of Internet information, to establish a perfect credit system for small enterprises, by using a large data, cloud computing and the combination of financial technology means such as artificial intelligence, rely on financial innovation such as large data analysis, modeling technology for small micro enterprise "accurate portrait", intensify credit and precision. With objective quantitative data to avoid human error, automatically by the system analysis about the potential of enterprise debt paying ability and profit generating reliable credit rating system, can be in time for the high quality enterprise to provide the funds required to develop and produce using big data technology, greatly reduce the manual and operating costs and financing risks faced by the Banks themselves, make enterprise financing cost reductions and solve the problems of the small micro enterprise loan is difficult, for the country to support the development of small micro enterprises play a positive role.
Financial services for the new rural areas will help to secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects
Adhering to the concept of "promoting finance with integrity and developing new countryside with finance", New Ideal Group financial Company creates a new mode of financial service for homestead transfer.
With the hollowing out of rural areas, the aging of rural population and the low efficiency of farming, the vast and fertile land has become a piece of "sleeping assets". Further activating this huge capital is not only the focus problem that the national government urgently needs to solve, but also the top priority of the financial work of The New Ideal Group Financial Company. In order to steadily and rapidly promote rural homestead transfer and provide more broad development space for rural economic growth, New Ideal Group Finance Company will take the lead in entering the field of homestead transfer. Supported by Internet + big data system + cloud computing and driven by big data risk control, new rights such as clear digital property rights and valuable and tradable rights can be used as loan pledges. Technology can be realized in various application scenarios to connect the new countryside and finance, so that fintech can bring new changes to the countryside and help the construction and development of the new countryside.
New Ideal Group Finance Company will further expand homestead transfer business, improve the financial service process, promote the research and development and promotion of related products, bring innovative services and experience to homestead transfer market, so as to help rural areas to wake up more potential, serve the new rural areas, and help to build a well-off society in an all-round way.
We will create a new model of "science, innovation and finance" to help enterprises grow
Shanghai will promote the construction of global science and technology innovation center in an all-round way. Against the background of this national strategy, Shanghai Free Trade Zone will dismantle the institutional barriers in a large scale, serve science and innovation with financial reform, and set up the emerging science and innovation fund of Yangtze River Delta integration strategy in the new area of Lingang. Shanghai is about to break out in a comprehensive way on the road of science and innovation industry.
Adhering to the business philosophy of growing with science and innovation enterprises, New Ideal Group Finance Company is committed to the transformation and upgrading of the service industry, and applies 5G, artificial intelligence and other key industrial fields to provide efficient financial support for science and technology enterprises. Focusing on the demand characteristics of enterprises at different development stages, we provide "growth booster" product portfolio services covering the whole life cycle.
The application of block chain technology can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the payment and credit system of New Ideal Group Financial Company, improve the business capacity of our bank, improve user experience, and promote the sustainable development of the new mode of "science and innovation finance" through new technologies, new products and new models.
With the help of fintech and digital inclusive, we developed and launched capital loan services for upstream and downstream enterprises relying on core enterprise data resources, launched the online promotion of the "unit account online account opening" system and the enterprise loan online application platform, and worked hard to reduce the cost of scientific innovation financial services. Promote the innovation of service mode, reduce the marginal cost of scientific innovation financial business through mass, standardization and template business mode, and achieve more reasonable risk control through economies of scale effect; We will use ecological and platform-based thinking to integrate financial resources such as government credit enhancement, industry associations and Chambers of commerce, and third-party entities, so as to realize scientific innovation and financial risk sharing and value win-win.
New Ideal Group financial Company is committed to building a commercial bank with sufficient capital, strict internal control, safe operation and service. Through an all-round intelligent risk control system, it has built a reliable protective wall to ensure stable operation and long-term development of the bank.
Establish a fully protected risk control system
New ideal group finance company plans through real-time docking taxation, industrial and commercial third party data, such as to authenticity screening of applicants and their companies, combined with three score and the five core risk control system of intelligent decision-making, implementation of customer loan application on all operations and one-stop service, at the same time of improving customer experience, realize the authors efficiency.
New ideal group finance company will give full play to the ability of data driven, using data mining technology, through to the stock of their own online business data mining analysis, using the AI machine learning technology combined with the random forest model, the multi-dimensional data to identify which rule, build a customer risk control model based on price risk.
Online credit anti - fraud
New ideal group finance company on the one hand, to build the whole process, intelligent online business fraud risk prevention and control platform, the establishment of enterprise intelligent fraud risk management platform at the same time, carry out fraud data mining and information sharing, make full use of the artificial intelligence technology, improve ability to cope with the anti-fraud technology, supporting the business scenario quick release; On the other hand, through the construction of comprehensive and efficient anti-fraud technical means, the whole process of risk prevention and control of "pre-event - in-event - post-event" is realized, and anti-fraud technology is laid out from three aspects of channel level, customer level and product level, so as to form multi-level risk defense network and core technical capabilities.
New ideal group finance company in the future on the road of development, will continue to adhere to the correct direction of management, the innovation work idea, improve service quality, and constantly adjust according to the actual situation of oneself and social development planning and policy, strive to make the domestic first-class people bank, bank of brand, to maximize the value of the company with all parties mutually beneficial win-win for the steady and harmonious development.

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