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Shanghai new ideal industrial development (group) co., LTD. Was established in July 2003 formally registered, the registered capital of 118 million yuan, scope of business involves industrial investment, asset management, has its own house leasing, landscaping, domestic trade, and many other fields, is a subsidiary company as the main body, through a variety of ways such as investment and production and business cooperation, and the subordinate holding enterprises of economic association, is also a real estate development as the main line, the industrial chain of longitudinal distribution of diversification and intensification of private group co., LTD., In the process of entrepreneurship and development and operation, it has formed the business characteristics of investment management, asset management and financial leasing. The group's subsidiaries include Shanghai Gaozheng Enterprise Development Co., LTD., Shanghai Tongjiang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD., Shanghai Tianyuanfang Real Estate Development Co., LTD., and Shanghai Chaoqun Real Estate Development Co., LTD.
The construction decoration engineering company affiliated to the Group company is specialized in general contracting of construction and has the second-class qualification of housing construction approved by the Ministry of Construction of the State. Since its establishment, it has been continuously developing and expanding its business in Shanghai architectural market. It has successively undertaken many architectural decoration projects, which have been well received by users. Many projects have been rated as excellent projects.
Group company's real estate company has investment and development projects include: "tong le yuan" residential area, residential area "new ideal home", "new ideal garden" residential district a period, "new ideal industrial park", "Shanghai talent building", "outstanding international building", "new ideal garden" residential district 2 period, etc.
Group company has been adhering to the "to do business, and world" of social responsibility, heavy chang huaikang Thanksgiving heart, don't forget to return society development, take concrete actions to pour their enthusiasm to participate in and support the "project hope" and relieve the educational cause, the one-time donated 100000 yuan to build in malipo fierce adit township village in yunnan province village primary school new school (now named as follows: Shanghai Mengdong New Ideal Hope Primary School later carried out social charity activities as planned. Since 2004, it has helped impoverished first-grade high school students in Malipo County, Yunnan Province and Minzu Middle School in Malipo County, Yunnan Province with a total amount of more than 200,000 yuan, and has been highly praised and positively recognized.

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