Group company's real estate company has investment and development projects include: "tong le yuan" residential area, residential area "new ideal home", "new ideal garden" residential district a period, "new ideal industrial park", "Shanghai talent building", "outstanding international building", "new ideal garden" residential district 2 period, etc.
New Ideal business management Company, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of front-line staff, encourage innovation, business management company around the "operation" and "service" comprehensive promotion. Combining the four business segments of investment attraction, marketing, operation and engineering property, we set up investment attraction expert, marketing creativity, business services and energy saving innovation services to comprehensively boost business performance and improve service management quality.
The new ideal group will thoroughly implement the major decisions and arrangements of the central committee and the state council on the construction of "One Belt And One Road", and give full play to the policy advantages of the Shanghai free trade zone. The new ideal group financial company will provide complete and reliable financial services support for various domestic foreign trade and related enterprises.

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